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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby teeth, grownup words

My five year old son lost his first baby tooth. It nearly brought me to tears, that this is such a milestone in his life. He is no longer that little baby, or toddler for that matter, but a handsome, growing man-child. He looks so darn cute with that hole in his mouth. He was beyond excited. But something he told my husband and I at dinner brought a huge reality check that he is being introduced to grown up things long before losing his first baby tooth.
A boy in his kindergarten class says bad words in their reading group. Austin told us it was the "sh" word. "Do you know what the 'sh' word is Mommy?" He looked at me bright eyed. "Yes, I know what that word is. Not a nice word." He proceeded to spell out the word and my 7 year old decided to try to sound it out. So the word was said anyways. Austin is in this phase were he spells out all of the naughty words he is not supposed to say. But, he still gets in trouble for spelling them because one of the other children will try to sound it out.
I am amazed and saddened by the fact that kindergarten is no longer that innocent class of learning and exploring. Even when you have a great school and an amazing teacher. My little boy is growing up, faster in some ways and slower in others. While I love every minute, I am fearful that the innocence of him will be gone far sooner than I am ready. For now, I will keep praying for his little mind to stay pure as long as possible. He is, after all, still my baby.

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