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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby teeth, grownup words

My five year old son lost his first baby tooth. It nearly brought me to tears, that this is such a milestone in his life. He is no longer that little baby, or toddler for that matter, but a handsome, growing man-child. He looks so darn cute with that hole in his mouth. He was beyond excited. But something he told my husband and I at dinner brought a huge reality check that he is being introduced to grown up things long before losing his first baby tooth.
A boy in his kindergarten class says bad words in their reading group. Austin told us it was the "sh" word. "Do you know what the 'sh' word is Mommy?" He looked at me bright eyed. "Yes, I know what that word is. Not a nice word." He proceeded to spell out the word and my 7 year old decided to try to sound it out. So the word was said anyways. Austin is in this phase were he spells out all of the naughty words he is not supposed to say. But, he still gets in trouble for spelling them because one of the other children will try to sound it out.
I am amazed and saddened by the fact that kindergarten is no longer that innocent class of learning and exploring. Even when you have a great school and an amazing teacher. My little boy is growing up, faster in some ways and slower in others. While I love every minute, I am fearful that the innocence of him will be gone far sooner than I am ready. For now, I will keep praying for his little mind to stay pure as long as possible. He is, after all, still my baby.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Power of the Air Waves

There is something so precious listening to my little kids sings praise and worship songs. Austin rocks out to "Beautiful One" and Abigail loves singing with Christ Tomlin and Elijah can get down with "He Reigns". It is a beautiful sound..even if it is to only me and Jesus.

I love worship music, Christian music, anything that brings praises to my King. So when life is tough or I need a boost, my ipod comes in handy. But, even in the dead of night, His songs resound over even the radio waves.

We listen to AM Talk Radio at night. It helps us fall asleep. So, if Jeff wakes up in the middle of the night, he turns back on the radio to listen. The other night, we were listening to some show in the middle of the night, and they were discussing devil worship. This guy talked about how he worship the devil and all this other weird stuff. People were even calling in asking questions. Sickening.

Then a miracle happened. While this guys was talking about his twisted sense of worship, Travis Cottrell's "The Lamb Has Overcome" played over from another station. Pretty soon, all that was heard was how "if the Son has set me free, then I am free, I am free indeed and nothing can take that from me, when I am free, forever free." Jeff didn't hear it, but that penetrated my sleepy mind and sent me back into a more peaceful sleep.

Thank you Jesus for You control the air waves! His praises will resound and triumph over the devil. Even in the middle of the darkest night, His sound is still heard. The Lamb has overcome! Amen!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Mountain from the mole hill

My husband went to the doctor's today to have a mole looked at. It had been growing and being in pain on the side of his neck. They cut it off and sent it in for tests. The doctor was concerned about the color and also is concerned about another mole on his back.

I had just been in Bible Study, studying David. Beth Moore was talking about going farther still in a relationship with Jesus. She talked about dread and how dread is distrust if it is premature and distracting. I can say I am certainly distracted! The thought of there being something wrong is enough to keep me from focusing on daily chores. I am not distrusting God, just wondering why now, when things are actually going well, would something happen.

Maybe it is just time to take all that I have learned in study and begin applying it to my life. Time to walk it out. Regardless of what happens, I do know that God is good. He is in control and I can trust Him in all things. We wont know anything until later on this week. So I have to rely in GOD ALONE to get me through this waiting.

Only God knows the future and worrying about it is not going to solve anything right now. I just need to be thankful for my husband and keep relying on Jesus.

Monday, February 07, 2011

What am I trying to prove?

As I get older, I am starting to re-evaluate who I am trying to prove things to and why. I spent the better half of Monday morning looking at how to improve my hair. Now I usually don't complain about my hair. But, since my hubby likes longer hair, and I have an issue with trying to grow it out, I thought I would look into hair extensions. Expensive! Even at a beauty school. So, that idea is out the window.

But it got me thinking on why I would even consider spending the time and the money on something that is fake. It is to make my husband happy? I don't think spending over $300 dollars on just fake hair would make him happy, even if the end result would be something he would like. Was it to make me happy? Probably not, it would have ended up being a hassle. To compete with someone? Ahhh, now there could be the reason. I see beautiful women with long, flowing hair. I want to be like that. Girls with long hair are more attractive, right? I mean, most of the women in fashion or entertainment have long, lush locks.

So, to have long hair is to be beautiful. Right? Well, no. Thank the Lord that long hair is not what defines beauty. He loves me just as I am. I am His Princess. I am loved and accepted by Him just as I am. I don't have to be accepted by all. And I certainly don't have to compete with anyone else. My husband loves me, finds me beautiful regardless of the length of my hair. So does my Jesus.

I will be saving that money and using to toward something worthwhile. And I will spend the rest of my Monday not trying to prove that I am something that I am not and live the something that I am.

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Findings

I am finding that each Friday brings its own challenges as well as rewards. While I look forward to the weekend with my hubby and kids, I am always a little aprehensive of what will take place. Usually, instead of sleeping in on Saturday mornings, my kids are wide awake at 6:00 a.m., despite getting to stay up late. With the winter weather hitting harder on the weekends, we tend to be home-bound and that has a whole new set of problems. Sibling rivalry, parents trying to decide who is to discipline and how, and then the whole interaction can cause some chaos. But, in the mist of the chaos, my Savior shows up with grace and mercy, and is teaching me how to extend some of that to my family. I cherish the moments of Saturday morning cartoons and breakfast. I enjoy our Sunday mornings at church. If I look past the chaos and the interaction, I find Jesus. He is extending His hand and reminding me why I was given this family. I love my kids deeply and am drunk on the love of my husband. The Lord has been good to me and I find that I need more grace over the weekend than usual.
So here is to Fridays, may I be aware of His presences even when I am lost in the shuffle.