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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Mountain from the mole hill

My husband went to the doctor's today to have a mole looked at. It had been growing and being in pain on the side of his neck. They cut it off and sent it in for tests. The doctor was concerned about the color and also is concerned about another mole on his back.

I had just been in Bible Study, studying David. Beth Moore was talking about going farther still in a relationship with Jesus. She talked about dread and how dread is distrust if it is premature and distracting. I can say I am certainly distracted! The thought of there being something wrong is enough to keep me from focusing on daily chores. I am not distrusting God, just wondering why now, when things are actually going well, would something happen.

Maybe it is just time to take all that I have learned in study and begin applying it to my life. Time to walk it out. Regardless of what happens, I do know that God is good. He is in control and I can trust Him in all things. We wont know anything until later on this week. So I have to rely in GOD ALONE to get me through this waiting.

Only God knows the future and worrying about it is not going to solve anything right now. I just need to be thankful for my husband and keep relying on Jesus.

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