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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cravings? What cravings?

Today is the last day of Phase 1 on the SBD. I am a little nervous to beginning adding some more foods into my diet. I have conquered the cravings of chocolate cake. (Which has been around since Saturday, from a little boy's birthday.) As well as the need to have bread or potatoes at every meal. I feeling pretty good about it. Lost 8 pounds as of Saturday. A little nervous to weigh my self again.....may wait awhile!

This has been a turbulent 2 weeks. There were days of tears over having to eat eggs, again. Struggling to stay motivated when everything smelled so good! But, through Christ who gives me strength, I made it through. Tomorrow I begin Phase 2. And just in time! We are making a trip to Chicago this summer to see my step-daughter get married. I am anxious and stressed over this trip. But, I am casting my cares on Christ. He will continue to sustain me through it all. And who knows, I maybe a size smaller, and not have to spend the whole time worrying about how I look....Maybe!!!

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