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Friday, June 17, 2011

Why My Man Rocks!!!! (Among other things...)

I have been blessed to be married to an amazing man for almost 7 years. This is our second marriage for us both. We have blended families, been through addiction and turmoil for most of our marriage. But, no matter what we have gone through, my husband has followed after Jesus, seeking to have a heart like His. He has stood with me as my partner, best friend, companion, and my tower. He has stood up for me and protected me even when it cost him. He loves me unconditionally and seeks to be all that God would call him to be. He loves our children and wants to see them grow in Jesus.

My husband rocks because he follows after The Rock of our Salvation. He loves his Savior and desires Him above all else. I am happy to be in second place in his heart. He is am amazing man who has overcome addiction and pain through the love of Christ. I am so blessed that God chose for us to become a family. I am were I am in my spiritual journey with Jesus because of my husband.

Amanda Carter

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Katy~The Country Blossom said...

It's always so beautiful to hear of a man following matter what! So glad you have a man like that in *your* life!